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    Problem with Prerequisites - run additional file


      My scheduled task is supposed to uninstall an older version of an application och then install the new one. I have made a batchfile that uninstalls it, i am trying to run it in Prerequisites - run additional file.


      The task:

      Prerequisites - Run additional file (uninstallscript(.bat))

      Install new version of the application (msifile with additional files .cab och .mst.)


      Everything is working fine except the Prerequisites - run additional file.


      If I run the batchscript from the local machine the script works fine.


      The script;


      "echo off

      if exist "%PROGRAMFILES%\Logica\Raindance WinClient\Raindance.exe" goto UNIN

      goto END


      rem echo avinstallerar

      MsiExec.exe /X{5DCF4422-197D-4604-BEBA-AA6A07092A46} /Quiet /Norestart


      rem Pause"


      Anyone know the reason ti won´t work in Landesk but works on the local machine? The user thats logged on to the local machine is a local administrator.


      Thanks in advance.