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    Any changes to Content Replication in LDMS 9.5?


      Are there any changes to Content Replication in LDMS 9.5?  Should I even bother considering using it or is something like robocopy a more reliable and less frustrating solution?

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          zman Master

          It all depends on your infrastructure and your requirements. I don't believe there were any major changes, hard to tell without change documentation. If you are deploying from NAS type shares then it will not work since you need any agent installed. If you use DFS then builtin replication may meet your needs better than CR. We have over 30 package shares and use robocopy and a custom script that runs robocopy from the local package share or from the master if it is NAS. There are a lot of ERs for CR. My personal opinion is that robocopy is more flexible and easier to use and does not have some of the issues that CR does - hard links, etc...  Here is a very old ER that kind of encapsulates CR Content Replication - Across multiple servers simultaneously prefered