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    Block an application on memory stick?






      Don't know which thread to post this in, please let me know!  (sorry)


      I would like to block a specific application that has a built-in autorun that runs each time a memory stick is inserted into a USB port- it's from SanDisk and it's called U3 Launcher.   The problem is that the "launcher" begins by copying other EXE's into the user's profile (which we host on the server) - this is prohibited.   From our network's point of view, the user is installing software or attempting to store EXE's on our file server... bad bad bad....


      Here's the contents of the Autorun.inf:


      *     open=LaunchU3.exe -a*
      *     icon=LaunchU3.exe,0*
      *     *
      *     Launchpad=LaunchPad.exe*
      *     Vtype=2*
      *     *
      *     FileNumber=1*
      *     File1=LaunchPad.zip*


      How do we block this application?   It doesn't show up in the inventory 'cause it doesn't really live on the PC- it's on the stick!   I've tried various methods and nothing seems to work.



      We're on 8.7 SP5