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    Age of a PC


      Hi There


      I would like to be able to created query that show me the age of the PC tht we have out there on our LAN.


      I am after a few suggestions on what is the best variable to use within LDMS.


      Hope someone can advise



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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          If you have Dell or HP, take a look at Data Analytics. Through te webconnector it can add guarantee and shipping information to your inventoried device. Or, if not Dell or HP, but you do have the information n another DB or CSV, it can also importthat information.


          Without Data Analytics it is difficult... You could look at when it's imaged, but that usually happens more han once in the lifecycle of a device. Bios date is usually a bit off or a bios update makes it completely useless.




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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup



            There really isn't a useful tag to use on a PC that can get this information unless you can be certain they have only ever been installed once. Closest you can get is to be reporting on the model number or even processor types so that you get a feel for the age of the device.


            Frank is right that the Data Analytics component is the ideal one to link to an external source of info such as the vendor to pull in more non-scannable details for the device.


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