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    Queries stop working


      I have a workstation with the LANDesk Management console. I go to all queries and double click on a query to run the query. The query returns the data to the right side screen. After a few weeks, any/all queries stop returning data to the right screen. i can reinstall the LMC and everything will start working again. Is there a cache or something on the workstation that I can reset to make the query run correctly?

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          Catalysttgj Expert

          The only time i have ever seen this happen is when the meory gets too fragmented on the device that's running the management console. The usual way to resolve this is to first try logging out of the windows account, but if that doesn't get it, then reboot the device. One of those two has usually always cured this for us, but in the event that niether of these solves it, we would then reboot the core server itself, and even sometimes reboot the database server, and the follow that with a reboot of the core. We've never had to actually reinstall the console on a device to fix it though.


          Good luck!

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            lot of data are asved in %temp% and also .net temp data.