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    Web browser of choice?


      What is everyone using for a web broswer for service desk?


      We used chrome in boot camp, and I noticed chrome looks a lot better than IE or firefox (gradients and rounded divs).  I also like the application shortcuts because it puts ServiceDesk in it's own frameless window and seperate tab in the taskbar so LANDesk is isolated from your web browsing windows.  I know chrome can be a RAM hog, so now I use it just for Service Desk.


      Is there a concensus on what most people use?


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          Wow, your Web Desk dashboard looks very nice!


          For browser, I also felt that the interface in chrome is more better than other browsers.

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            aparker Employee

            Hi Mike,


            This is a great example of an analyst desktop. Do you mind if I copy and use as an example in demo situations please?



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              Would you be kind enough to share the report template you're using on this dashboard?


              Mucho gracias!



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                Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup


                Top notch dashboard right there!  This would be an excellent dashboard to show for demo's like Andy proposed.  If you would allow us to use this design, that would be great!


                Also, I typically like to use Chrome and Firefox.  IE just doesn't do it for me look-wise.



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                  Thanks for browser input and the dashboard compliments, that's always nice to hear!


                  Andy & Jamie, feel free to use the dashboard for demos, BUT please let me close the ticket that's been open for 184 days and fix the request icons first.  I will post back when I fix it in a few hours...


                  Chris, I would be happy to share the report templates.  However, it uses a few calculation attributes (pretty dates and times) on the incident object, and some custom icons.  I will put together a zip file with everything if you like.  The icons are not stored in my database, it's all HTML references because I use some of the same images in the email templates too.


                  Thanks -Mike

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                    Darren.Bradshaw Expert

                    Excellent piece of work, any chance of getting a copy of the report templates and calculations?


                    We are looking to implement 7.5 (from 7.3) so looking for design ideas.




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                      Very impressed with your dashboard.


                      If you did get chance to zip up the info above I would be very grateful if you could send me a copy.


                      We are looking at going to the web console, I feel this would would certainly help us take a step in the right direction.



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                        Here is what you need:


                        - The actual HTML report templates & what they look like.

                        - Custom placeholder calculation attributes (pretty time calculations & user icons)

                        - Notes, anything else you might need to know.

                        - The icons used (simple HTML reference to a folder on your servicedesk web server)


                        HTML Code and screenshots attached in pdf -



                        Enjoy!  -Mike T.


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                          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                          Incredible!  Thank you Mike.  Great work!

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                            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                            How did you incorporate the Google layover?  Does that change based on the ticket selected?

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                              The map is actually a tiny webpage, but that specific map does not show tickets, it shows our WAN sites that go down so we can troubleshoot them ASAP.  Each site is pinged once a minute, and the results saved to a database.  The map helps avoid troubleshooting if there is an outage in a certain area.  If 3 sites near each other go down at the same time, we know the problem is a Verizon or Comcast issue and not equipment inside the stores.  We put a Doppler on it because you can literally watch links drop as thunderstorms pass over sites.  No rush calling when they have lightening over them...


                              We do have another map on a 50" plasma with tickets on a full screen google map.  Awaiting tickets and P1 incidents bounce on the map if the end user is a store.  We have another map for the road guys that helps them visualize and plan their route based on the stops (tickets) they have to make.


                              If you want tickets on a map, each end user (or maybe customer group?) needs the address geocoded to latitude and longitude in a database, doesnt have to be in service desk, but nicer for maintaining.  I wrote a SQL view that shows the list of what tickets we want on the map, then there's a aspx web page that requests an xml file, but its really just a stored procedure in sql that outputs XML.  Google maps API likes XML for the markers...


                              I kinda forget exactly how it's setup. It was a little messy but it has been working flawlessly for about a year.  A better way to do it is to have a stored procedure generate the XML and save it to the web server on a set interval.  That way refreshing the web page doesn't tax the SQL server every time it loads.

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                                awesome piece of work, thanks for sharing mike !

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                                  anytime oku!


                                  While attending interchange 2013 in las vegas, I learned that I should have put my calculations on the process object instead of the incident object so they work for other landesk modules.  I have since updated the report templates as well to  the process object, so we can query and see both incidents & requests in the same place.  I will update the instructions later if anyone is interested.


                                  process object query.PNG

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                                    karenpeacock SupportEmployee

                                    Hi Mike


                                    I would like to encourage you to please take a moment to repost your great work as a document within our new LANDesk Share IT for IT Service Management section.


                                    By posting you will be putting this in an area which will make it easier for others to find in the future rather than hidden within a discussion thread.  In addition, you will be awarded 10 status points for each published document and other community users can award ratings to thank you for your posting.


                                    Best wishes


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