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    OpenTouch Incident Process Selection


      Hi all,

      Does anyone know whether OpenTouch is able allow the selection of which process is used for Incident creation? I am using LANDesk Service Desk 7.5.1.


      When I create an incident in OpenTouch at present, it uses the system default process, but for certain 'types' of incident I wish to use a different one.

      I am told that in the UI, the process is associated based on the incident form used.

      Hope someone is able to shed some light.

      Many thanks,


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          The resolution is as follows:


          Obtain the Lifecycle (Process) description either by performing an ExecuteQuery query the database table lc_lifecycle_description, look for lc_guid and the lc_Title of the process required.

          Using the lc_guid value, in your XML script:


          Add getObjectByRef querying Lifecycle.LifecycleDescription, as follows:


              <getObjectbyRef continueIfFail="0" into="#lc" name="Lifecycle.LifecycleDescription">

                <pKey value="{GUID}" />

                <output key="Title">Using Lifecycle: </output>



          Then suppply #lc in to a CreateBusinessObject function call, in 'Lifecycle'.


          Simple really