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    LDMS 9.5 Imagew v2 command line options


      Image for Windows v2.73 has two new drop-downs available while it's running in WinPE, "Power Options" and "Process Priority".  Does anyone know of a switch to grey these out?  Our techs are known to monkey with things even if you tell them not to.  I have the Terabyte Unlimited manual but can't find anything on locking these down.


      Typical command line for OSD is:


      REMEXEC25=ldrun h:\osd\IMAGEW~1\imagew.exe /r /o /d:0 /f:"""path to image.TBI""" /rb:0


      The /rb:0 is what we've always used but it doesn't lock down those two options.  I'm afraid we'll have techs selecting "reboot" or "shutdown" and killing the OSD task.


      Any ideas?