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    Management Console via Citrix Xenapp


      We have moved from a terminal server environment for our management console to Citrix's Xenapp v 6.5 and are facing some oddities that apparantly did not exist within the TS environment. See below for a list of the most critical issues:


      1.Each time a concole user logs into the landesk console via Xenapp, a copy of one of our scan and repair settings configurations is duplicated. This has created as many as 30 settings(before we caught it)the most recent of which then takes over as the default scan and repair setting.


      2.When attempting to delete a client entry the node returns on the next search (along with other indications that some database modifications are not allowed from the Xenapp session)


      3. Clicking on user management creates a system hang, and an ldap authentication failure message and a credentials reset prompt which we cannot resolve by re-entering the ldap information.( Attached)



      In regards to #3 The Citrix server admins tell us that they are blocking port 389 from the farm subnet to dlap, but that 636 is open. 636 is supposed to be the failover port for landesk so we are not sure why that is not working. We see no method for specifying port 636 only within the core.


      We are seeing other minor issues as well but believe they may be resolved with correct ldap configurations. Are there any best practices or configuration documents for Xenapp and LANDesk?