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    9.5 Role Based Permissions Bug


      We upgraded our LDMS to 9.5 from 9.0SP3 last night, and also upgraded Data Analytics to 9.5 (previously on the latest 9.0 build).


      After the upgrade, users that have NO access according to their roles for Data Analytics can still see the entire menu in their console. While some of the options do not launch, two of them do.


      "Console Extender, and Discovery Services"


      In addition, there is a Typo on the Asset Control permission row in role based administration. It is currently spelled "Asest Control".

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          Console Extender is a free tool and will always show up, that is by design.  A patch has been created that fixes discovery services showing up, contact support for it.


          That is rather embarassing about Asest Control, I guess we are all blind.  It will be fixed in the next update.

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            Ok thanks for the response, I will look into grabbing that patch.


            I am a little confused as to why the Console Extender would display for all users "by design" and at the same time a permission is provided to view or not view it. If its going to be forced for all users to see it, there should not be a permission row for it.


            In the previous 9.07 version, wasn't it also configured so that if you did not have permission to a Managed Planet/DA module, it would not show up on the tools menu? No matter the users permission all options are shown. This is demonstrated in the screenshots below.


            perms.PNG menu.PNG


            The screenshot to the left is for the only role this user is a member of, the screenshot to the right is the menu this user is able to see. It was my belief that the standard landesk rba was designed to that if an entire module is disabled, the menu is then disabled for the user. This matters because we have our data analytics users and our non data analytics users sharing a citrix server for remote console. I am trying to prevent the poking around by our more curious support staff over features that do not concern them.

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              Hopefully in the next version we can get it to not even show up in the tools menu.  Since DA was a separate company until last year, we were not as integrated as we would have liked.  It has always shown up, even if you did not have rights to it.  Not showing up has to be hardcoded into the main console.

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                Ok, thanks again for the response.


                I do have one last question. Previously when managed planet was a seperate entitiy, you could go to their homepage and be greeted with a download for the most recent version as well as a changelog. Now that the managedplanet.com site is defunct, the only download link to DA I have been able to find is the one bundled with the release of LDMS 9.5.


                Is there a place I can go to view patch release information for the DA portion of LANDesk? (Much like the Sustaining patch information pages for LDMS). I ask this because unless I had posted this topic on the forums, I would not have known that there was a patch out already for DA.

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                  There are no "published" patches yet, but there are I guess hotfixes you can get if you call support.  I can talk with them about how they post this information for hotfixes that have not been regression tested yet.