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    Image hangs on sdclient.exe


      After I upgraded to 9.5 I had setup OSD and everything was working properly. I am changing the setup to use perferred servers so we can start deploying the image from other locations. Once I had changed everything to use preferred servers, the image hangs on sdclient.exe cmd windows for a half hour before it starts to deploy the image. The last time I did it, it just rebooted right in the middle. See log:


      See: Log1.txt


      Why is this taking so long and what is going on here? I don't think preferred servers should add a half hour to the image process, if so I might as well set it up manually. The image used to take about 30 minutes to deploy fully, here is a log of a completed image and you can see that it is taking about an hour to deploy with preferred servers


      See: Log2.txt