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    Can´t connect to inventory database


      I got maybe small problem, but I´m stack. After update to 9.5 we decide to move SQL DB to another dedecated server, from SQL 2008 on server 2003 to SQL2008R2 on server 2008R2. After moving SQL to new server,everything was sucessful,on SQL, user, permitions,DB working fine.

      So I move to LD to change it in SvcCfg. disconnect all consoles, open SvcCfg , change DB server name to new DB server one, same user name, same database name, same password, BUT on apply I geting this:



      If I use IP address it same, ports are open, everything is working if I use old db server. It is first time something like this happens. It was always working fine, no problem at all, but now.

      may it be something wrong with 9.5. Like to hear any suggestion what it can be. Thank In advice.