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    Request for Comment: LDMS 9.5 with Macs

    JBnCO Apprentice

      I want to reach out to the Mac community that has updated to LDMS 9.5 and get your experience with Macs.  Our Macs are pretty locked down with the firewall enabled and most of our users are standard users.  We do modify the authorization file to give users some admin rights as standard users such as Software Updates.  Here are the key areas I'm interested in:


      Agent installation - any prompts for firewall exceptions to allow or deny?  Any other issues/concerns?

      HTML RC - Any issues after applying the 1206 update?

      Software distribution - The good, the bad, and the ugly...

      Inventory of custom extensions and custom data - Any issues with these importing into the server?

      Patch Management - Any experiences with this would be helpful.  We currently use it and just want to see if anyone has used it and results from it.


      Any other things you can think of that would be useful from a Mac perspective.