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    Folder Copy in Provisioning not working


      Hi there,


      I want to copy a folder containing drivers to C:\Windows\LDDriverstore.

      Therefore I tried to do it with the File Copy action in Provisioning (WinPE phase):



      It said "SUCCESS", but did nothing. Then I tried the Execute File action in Provisioning:


      Neither C:\Windows\system32\xcopy.exe nor T:\Tools\Other\xcopy.exe worked -> Error 80001000H: File ... not found.

      (Command Line is: /Y /I /E T:\drivers\CFH2-MK2\lan\PRO1000\NDIS62 C:\windows\lddriverstore\NDIS62


      Background: Cannot run HII on that type of client and do not want to put the driver into the image. This way described above would give me a little flexibility. I hope that windows installs the drivers on first boot as C:\Windows\LDDriverstore is the driver path used in unattend.xml.


      What can I do?