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    Dropbox Distribution Error (Push and Portal)

    KTBLIT Rookie

      We like to distribute Dropbox. But we have a strange error.

      The Push start, Landesk copies the files and is launching the installation.


      While Installing the Windows Explorer crashes and does not restart. Landesk says the installation was successfull, but after a restart, no files were installed.

      We tried a non silent install, too. This time we got the User Interface, we start the install and at 2/3 the windows explorer stops again. No files are installed.


      When we simply start the Install Programm with Admin rights (normal User has no Admin rights), all is working fine.

      Both done with the same install files all the time.


      Dorpbox Version 1.6.16

      Landdesk 9.5


      Has someone manged to distribute Dropbox, or an idea what could be wrong?

      Distribution of other programs works fine.