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    Web Desk Stack Bar Charts


      Does the web desk not do stack bar charts? I added one to a dashboard and it does not display in web desk. Just a grey screen. All my normal queries and bar/pie charts work fine.

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          Unforunately stacked charts do not work in webaccess and to be fair charts as a whole could be vastly improved for webaccess.


          Instead of stacked chart we look at using a combination of query results with a report template applied and pie charts.



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            Just so you know, LANDesk don't see differences in the way Console and WebAccess work as bugs.  This has always been a bit frustration (IMHO) because there isn't a list of the differences and our customers expecting the application to behave in the same way no matter what the access method is.


            I wanted you to get this in front of you just so you know and don't get too frustrated at being asked to raise an ER

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              AmyS Apprentice

              Does anyone know if an ER has been raised for this? We are working on metrics / reporting and have been coming across a lot of discrepencies between what the console can do and the web. Our analysts and end users are strictly using the web interface so this is unfortunate as it may require us to do a lot of our dashboarding outside the system.

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                AmyS Apprentice

                Chris - would be able / willing to share an example?