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    Increase Process Ref by 1000


      Hi All,


      We know there is a way to increase the process by reference by 1000 or 10000 etc. But unfortunately can't find the solution in any of our documentation or on the forums.


      Could anyone point us in the right direction?


      We're getting some clashes with historical changes whilst putting change management live.





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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          If you just want to increase the ticket numbers you can do this via a calculation or you can run a script in SQL up bump the numbers up from your next ticket forward.



          -- The following command will reset the Incident numbering back to zero after you've deleted the data.

          -- Change the 0 to the number you want to start your tickets at.


          DBCC CHECKIDENT ('im_incident', RESEED, 70999)

          -- DBCC CHECKIDENT ('cm_change', RESEED, 49999)

          -- DBCC CHECKIDENT ('ca_call', RESEED, 0)

          -- DBCC CHECKIDENT ('hr_activity', RESEED, 0)



          -- The same command may also be used to set the numbering to start from any given number, for instance if you've migrated

          -- some historic data and want to leave a gap in the numbering before adding new data.

          -- In this case, just change the zero to the number you wish to start from.


          The number you put in there will be the number prior to the one you want.  So for the example above, the next Incident ticket will be 71000


          Hope this is what you were looking for.

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            Hi Jamie,


            Sorry it took me son long to reply.


            We've run this in both Test and Prod now, and its all good.


            Thanks again.