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    RSS Feed password functionality

    jasoncadman Expert

      Hi Everyone


      I would like to be abble to distribute the RSS Generator url so that people can sign in to receive High Priority incident notifications and then have the password hidden from the url.


      At the moment you can do one or the other which means that if you pre configure the username and password in the rssfeed.aspx file as per Stu's fix here

      http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-24910 the link can be distributed to anywhere that has network access to that url and used.


      If i don't preconfigure the username and password then the user has to use the default RSSGenetator form (http://server/servicedesk.rssgenerator) to type in their username and password (which is great) then the username and password is displayed in the url, which again, can be distributed to anone wth network access AND it shows the user's username and password




      Thanks for your help