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    Fonts Query


      I know I can't be the only one out there that has ran into this problem, but has anyone been able to successfully build a query to find Windows fonts?  I've seen some post out there, but seems that the fonts that was built in landesk was to query on Macs.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          You can add TTF to the to be scanned extentions in the ldappl3.template file in LDLOGON, after that your Fonts will be available as 'Packages'  under Software (Don't forget to click the Make available to clients button in Manage Software list in Reporting/monitoring after making LDAPPL3 changes). LANDesk has no build-in logic for scanning fonts under Windows, only for MAC.



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            Thanks Frank,


            I added the tff extenstion onto the ldappl3.template file.  Also clicked on make available to client button.  When I go into and try to build a query i do not see fonts under 'software/packages'




            thanks again for your help

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              Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



              You first need to do a scan on a device (with software, so better make it a full scan). Than you can query on software - package - file name like TTF, or query for a specific font.



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                Thanks Frank, i'll try this and update the post with the results.

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                  Was able to re-visit this again.  Did the scan on a device that I knew had the font, full system scan.  Queried software-package-file name, only .exe files are populated on the right hand box.  When I try to manual enter  the file type under edit values and insert then try to run the report, still no fonts show up.  Still can't get this to work.  Let me know if more information is needed.


                  thanks again for the help

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                    First, make sure the fonts are in the scan file.  Go into Configure | Services and on the Inventory tab, under Advanced, set Store Scans to 1.  Then, restart your inventory service.  That will create an "LDMain\LDScan\Storage" directory.  Rescan your client (forcing a full scan) and then find the .scn file in your storage directory.  Open it in notepad (or some text editor) and look to see if you're getting the .ttf files you're looking for.  If you aren't, you may not have an updated ldappl on your client.  If you do, then they should be in the database.  Once you verify that you have the TTF files in your scan file, then you should be able to query on them.


                    Don't forget to set store scans back to 0 once you see the TTF files in your scan file.

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                      Thanks for your help thor.  Did what you suggested and did not find the file in the .scn file.  You stated that i might not have an updated ldapple on the client.  How do I go about in updating that?



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                        I just read through the entire post and we were missing a few key components.  You have a few options to get your TTF files.


                        1. The default setting in the LDAPPL is MODE=LISTED.  In order to pick up the individual files, you need to add each .TTF that you want to pick up as individual items in the APPLICATION section of the LDAPPL.

                        2. You can change the LDAPPL to MODE=ALL, but I wouldn't suggest it.  You will bloat your database with software files.

                        3. You can wait for 9.5 SP1.  There will be a new section in the ldappl called DataFiles where you can use a wildcard + extension (e.g. *.ttf)

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                          Thor, I added the file name onto the LDAPPL.ini file.  Is there anything else that needs to be done?  I still don't see the file when I go to

                          software - packages - file name - file does not show up in scanned