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      Appologies if this has been asked before.





      Win2008 SR2 (virtual machine)

      SQL 2008 sp1



      I downloaded the 9.5 LDMS package. Is it possible to just run the .exe and overwrite what's there? I was really hoping that when 9.5 became available (only a few months old now), that it was nothing more than a patch/upgrade. This is the full blown installer. Is it possible to just upgrade on top?


      Doing yet another side-by-side migration is not very appealing, especially since we just finished our 8.8 => 9.0.2 three months ago.


      Is there an easier way?


      What would break should I just run through the setup file? Without ranting too much, this should've been givin two choices (full blown installer version and the "upgrade" version). Or is there one that I'm not aware of?



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          I just completed nearly the same upgrade a few minutes ago. Installation took an hour or so and just laid nicely on top of the existing version. All data is intact and I'm now looking over the new features.

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            zman Master

            You are referring to an in place upgrade. It is possible but as in all upgrades/installs needs to planned. I would refer to this document http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-26992

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              So, you're saying you just ran through the full installer and it worked? I'm shocked. I thought I had read through the doc, and said it was only for a side-by-side (you stand up another server and migrate over to it). Perhaps I mis-read.


              Is there anything that I should be aware of when running through it? Any "gotchas" or point to the databases for that, or "ignore those" ?


              I have never attempted an "over the top of" LD install before.

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                Thanks Zman, I'll take a look.

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                  The 9.5 installer is designed to do either a full installation or an upgrade. There is not a separate installer for each install type. If during the installation you enter an existing 9.0 database it will detect and upgrade that database to 9.5. If you enter a new database, it will do a full installation.

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                    In my case, there weren't any gotchas, although I fully expected some. The processes ran smoothly. I haven't seen any red flags yet. I simply ran the .exe. It first extracted all of the files, and then correctly identified that there was an existing LD installation. As suggested, best to take a look at any documention prior to the upgrade.

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                      One thought came to mind since yesterday. Would a new agent need be re-deployed? I would think not. But, i've been known to be wrong in assumptions.

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                        zman Master

                        You would need to redeploy new agents to your clients. The older clients will continue to communicate and work with the new core, however, any new functionality would not be realized until the new clients are deployed.

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                          In your experience, for an in-place upgrade, do I need to run the CoreDataMigration.exe tool or backup these items? (taken from BKM for installing or upgrading the core server to LDMS 9)

                          Keep in mind, I'm already on moving to 9.5.


                          ManagementSuite\LANDesk\Vboot\LDVPE1.IMG                                                                             (i don't have this file)

                          ManagementSuite\LANDesk\Files\DOSUNDI.1                                                                                 (i have dosundi.0, not .1)

                          ManagementSuite\LANDesk\Files\BOOTMENU.1                                                                             (i have bootmenu.0, not .1)

                          Distribution Package installation files, if stored on a package share created on the Core Server             (this is absurd, why would an upgrade wipe out data in a share?)

                          The Patch directory, if it is stored on the Core Server                                                                         (again, absurd, \\coreservername\patch is our patch share, so why would that get wiped out?)

                          \ldlogon\ldappl3.template, if modifications have been made to it.                                                         (didn't make any appl3 changes, nothing to backup here)

                          \ldlogon\AgentWatcher\*.ini files                                                                                                      (what for? why would I care?)


                          Here's what I invision:


                          1) make a backup of our LD9sp3 database

                          2) make a backup of the certificate name in the registry located: HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Setup\Certname

                          3) make a backup of the certificate keys, located: C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Shared Files\Keys

                          4) since this is on a VM (all of it, including database, patches, images, etc), snap off a clone

                          5) run through the LD9.5 installer

                          6) pray to the gods

                          7) done, nothing to move, modify, change. poof. done.

                          8) test functionality

                          9) have the remote console users install the new 9.5 version


                          Would I need to make backups of queries? SWD package setups? Blocked applications? Anything in User Management? Anything in Column Sets? Backup the gateway certificate? Backup my 2 additional delivery methods? And very importantly to my world, backup my OSD scripts? Scheduled Tasks?


                          And, I've read through the BKM for performing a new installation of MS9.5 which doesn't include backup items like above this.


                          And, what is considered "An upgrade in-place is a good choice when little has been done to customize the installation of LANDesk®" ?

                          There's room for interpretation here.

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                            In our case, the only task that I performed was to check my daily backup of the DB. Otherwise, I just let it fly. Note that I haven't done much custom config of our server, practically none. Since yours is on a VM, I would take a snapshot, or better still, shut down the box and export the entire file in case a "Revert" didn't work properly.


                            So far the only issue I've run into is in deploying the new agent to Windows 8 machines. Everything else appears to be running okay.