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    Capture for Windows 7 not working


      I have followed all of the instructions in regards to Captureing a windows 7 image. I have gotten all the way pass the PXE boot an I have stopped to on the Landesk image capture splash page. All I get is DOS box that hangs then disappears. Any help on this trying to meet a deadline for 6 new windows 7 machines. Please see attachment of the instructions that I have read.

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          MrGadget Expert

          The Black Dos box should come up several times and disappear then the progress gray Landesk window comes up and stays while its captureing a image. If the last window did not pop up then you could have the wrong credentials put in the capture script. Did you put domain\username just like that in the credentials. It could be pointed at the wrong path to store the image or the credentials do not have permissions to access the shared folder in the path.

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            mr gadget,

            I have tried changing my credentials and changing the path for the image. Now on the PC that I'm trying to image it is going a little further than normal, it is allowing me to to choose a script in the "OS Deployment Script Menu". All of the DOS windows show a sucessful. For a split second if shows the the Landesk progress windows then restarts with no image captures. What am I missing....thank for your help.

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              MrGadget Expert

              Look in the \\core server\ldlog folder there will be a log file with the name of your Capture script. It will show the last line that was run before failure.

              In your console under OS Deployment section find your Capure script. Do a Advanced edit. Probably the next to the last line it should say REMEXECXX=ldrun h:\osd\

              What is written in the rest of the line?  Also near the top lines there is a ImageToolType=          Does it say 11?

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                Got it to work thanks for you help....my path was all wrong I had to add a c$ for the program files x86.

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                  How do I implement the unattended .xml file to the audit mode in sysprep. Trying to implement the answer file for the windows 7 x32 bit install.

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                    MrGadget Expert

                    The image you are capturing you sysprep (by running the sysprep.exe on that computer) check the box for audit mode and instead of rebooting check shutdown and the computer will shutdown. Now capture the image.


                    On the Deploy script for that captured image Landesk will automatically make a unattend.xml when you check the sysprep box in the deploy script.So when you do a deploy landesk will automatically insert that script on to the hard drive in the root of C: 

                    2 notes here, if you want to have any special things other than what Landesk puts in the xml file you have to edit it before using it. Also if you have the wrong partition chosen for  the System of c drive it will try inserting it in the wrong place and I believe the deploy job fails or hangs.


                    To see the XML file after making a Deploy script go and do a advanced edit and it will popup.

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                      I'm starting to use HII but I don't seem to have any drives stored on my core server. Is there a way to save the drivers on my scanned pc, to create the HII with drivers. I cant seem to find any KB's on the landesk community site.