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    Add to an image


      I have just created an Win7 x86 image that I'm happy with, now I need to know if it is possible to add program to my current image.

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          bnelson Employee

          Short answer... No


          Longer answer... Yes but it will require you to recapture the image.

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            Got it thanks.....

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              This question highlights the one thing I miss about Symantec Ghost. They had an "Explorer" which allowed you to open the image and add / remove files from the raw image. Now it had some drawbacks, like the files you add will not be compressed, but to be able to make that change is rather handy. I just updated OSD images in 5 preferred servers over our enterpise in a half hour. All i had to do was open the image and add a file to it. I then referenced that file from the OSD script. Handy. It SURE WOULD BE NICE if LANDesk created an ImageW2 Explorer ... Hint Hint... Nudge Nudge...