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    Provisioning Win7 X64 and remote sites.


      Ok, I am at a loss here.  I have LDMS 9.0 SP3 setup and running.  We use prefered servers at all remote sites with a single code in our HQ site.  I have the images and drivers all staged on the prefered servers and I have taken my main provisioning tmeplate and tailored each one to image directly from each corresponding prefered server.  so here is my problem  My provisioning template works great in my main site.  But when I try to use it in any other site it fails.  the image loads and then at the point of running the HII it fails and says that it can not find any appropriate drivers.  IT does register as X86 and we are deploying Win7 X64 and all the drivers are X64.  The templates are the same except for the mapping tasks that point to the correct prefered server.  I have been going thru the logs and the only thing I have found has been in the hiiclient.log.  Any help or suggestions would be great.  I have ticket open with Landesk but day 2 and it has not even been viewed.  I just don't understand why this works in our main site and not any remote location?  I have checked all rights and permissions and they are all exactly the same.