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    Landesk Agent Push errors


      I am pushing a new Landesk Agent (9.5) and I am only getting like 5% success.  I am getting errors , 1026, 1081, 1083, 1165, and 1208.  I need guidance on these to resolve.

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          leffrt SupportEmployee

          I don't have the error codes memorized, but there are a bunch of reasons a new agent push can fail.


          1.  Is your Scheduler service configured with an account that is an administrator on all of these machines?  If not, did you add the alternate credentials to cover all of these machines?

          2.  Is the firewall disabled on these machines?

          3.  Are the C$ and ADMIN$ shares available on these machines?


          How are you pushing the agent?  Advanced Agent?  Full NT Push?


          Check out the Best Known Methods document http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-7474 for some assistant also.