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    Trouble Creating a Self Service Portal


      Hi all... I am just taking on the launch of a Self Service portal, but can't even seem to get out of the gate.  Any hints, signposts, auguries, or well-trained dogs pointing me in the wanted direction would be much appreciated. 


      • When a SelfServiceGuest user is logged in the portal is pretty much blank, there are no links in the only shortcut group and no homepage/dashboard is being displayed.
      • The shortcut gourp being displayed should have two components listed, but nothing shows.
      • I cannot add/edit any of the Shortcuts or Shortcut Groups for Self Service in console's Shortcut Manager (the options are all disabled).


      I've gone through checking the preferences in SQL per this article (http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-25052), and there are actually no preferences stored for this user.  I've also checked within the table tps_user_preference and found nothing with a tps_value of 2 or the tps_guid they specify for the Shortcut Bar Visibility preference.


      And of a lesser concern right now, clicking the "Log off" button seems to do nothing.



      An advanced Thank-You to any that might post some ideas...






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          If you click on the Publish Shortcut Groups tab on the shortcut manager, you will need to check you have assigned the shortcut group to that user, or the users

          group or role.

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            Thanks, gman... that's a good point to check.  I already made sure that the Shortcut Group ("User Home Dashboard...", whoever named it was before my time) was published to the role of SelfServiceGuest.


            But points for a good suggestion...



            I did solve one part of the problem... bouncing off the SQL script posted here (http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/22456), I did some exploratory surgery in SQL and found that the system preference for WebAccess.SelfServiceDefaultDashboard was NULL.  Found the desired dashboard guid and set it directly in SQL... now the dashboard works.  But I'm thinking there's GOTTA be a better way of setting a dashboard for SS, so anyone with that answer please post here for posterity.


            I still can't edit the shortcuts for SS.







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              I would strongly recommend reading over these as they may help you:








              You don't need to use SQL to show dashboards.




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                Took a few days of careful reading, the SelfService guide was no help, WebDesk User Guide was no help... however, buried on page 37 of the WebAccessAdmin guide was this little gem:

                (pay attention to the fine-print...)


                Set SS Home Page.png


                And that's about it.  The solution for setting a SS dashboard is to:

                1. login to SS as an admin
                2. add a shortcut to the desired SS Dashboard
                3. launch the dashboard and choose to set it as the System Default


                Thanks to Chris_W for pointing to the document.


                However, a couple things to note for any LDSD engineers/developers reading this:

                • This isn't abundantly clear when the option available is simply "Make this dashboard the system home page".  Makes it seem like this is setting the one-and-only System homepage (which makes me a bit wary).  Just changing this to "Make this the SelfService system home page" and "Make this the Web Desk system home page" would clarify things greatly.
                • The fact that home pages for SS and WD are independent is fairly critical information in figuring out how to set one for SS.  This information should REALLY be noted more explicitly for SelfService somewhere, not just as 2-lines buried in the 46-page Web Desk Admin guide.  This made it very difficult/frustrating for me to find searching, which is why I'm posting it here for others.

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                  karenpeacock SupportEmployee

                  Thank you for taking the time to detail your findings.


                  On your first point for the engineers/ developers could you please raise this as an Enhancement Request in this section:

                  Service Desk-ER


                  I will pass on your second point for you.


                  Best regards,