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    Activate Intel vpro with multiple landesk core servers, Zero-Touch method (delayed)



      Hi Everyone,
      We have four servers with landesk management suite 9.5, and thousands of devices with intel amt versions 6, 7 and 8.
      All our devices are distributed in the four landesk core servers and all our devices have the landesk agent (but not intel vpro enabled)

      Now, at this point we want configure vpro in all our devices.

      We are tested the One touch provisioning method,
      to do that as you know, we have generated pid-pps in each landesk core server, we have generated setup.bin with usbfile intel utility,
      one setup.bin per landesk core sever, and configured about 20 devices. This method going on well, the device is provisioned
      and all vpro options and funcionalities are enabled in the landesk console. the problem is that we have a lot of machines and all of
      them are spread in many countries in europe.

      We want test the zero-touch provisioning method,
      Because we have multiple landesk core server, we have not the entry in dns system "provisionserver".
      And we are going to buy a intel client setup certificate (go-daddy or verisign for intel) and install in the four landesk core server.

      I have read the next lines from Landesk help center:

      Delayed provisioning
      If an Intel vPro device is powered on but does not receive a response from the Setup and Configuration Server
      after a certain period of time (typically 6 to 12 hours, depending on the manufacturer's settings),
      it stops sending hello packets and waits. At this point Intel vPro functionality is not enabled on the device.
      To provision a device in this state, you can install the standard LANDesk management agent on the device.
      When the agent determines that the device has Intel vPro capabilities it enables Intel vPro functionality on
      the device and sends a call to the Web service on the core server to receive the "hello" packet.
      The provisioning process is then initiated from the core server.

      So, if I have undertand well, when intel vpro is power on,
      it looking for dns "provisionserver",
      we dont have "provisionserver" entry in the dns, and provision will fail.
      After that, the landesk agent in the device (all our device have landesk agent installed) starts the provisioning
      process sending the "hello" packet to its landesk core server and the device will be provisioned.
      It works in this way or I am in a mistake?

      Thanks very much for your time.