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    Provisioning after update to 9.5


      We Had Provisioning Working perfectly in 9.0 service pack 3 and now after the Update to 9.5 not really working as planned. For example HII seems to be grabbing wrong drivers, CTOS not working after the image is laid down.  Has anyone else had any issues with Provisioning not working well in 9.5?  And how did you rectify the issues if they had occurred.  The updates been out for a few months now and it seems to be very buggy.  Wake on Wan crashes my console....So does dragging an OS Deployment script to the PXE menu drop downs.  Any help greatly appreciated. Especially with the provisioning.  It took a long time to get that configured correctly the first time around.  It seems that the instructions provided never work the way that they say they will. 

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          Check this document



          In 9.5 :

          Capture/Deploy Image

          The Capture/Deploy image action automatically maps a drive using the preferred server configuration. Note: If a preferred server is used, image file must be on the preferred server or the template will fail.

          Don't use map drive in your provisioning Task, use UNC.


          If doesn't help, please post your provisioning task configuration




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            Yes I've seen that.  While that helps to see if anything has changed. I've learned from the earlier versions of the document that some parts are not relevant to my environment.  It seems some commands to the templates carry over without reason.  I've gotten it to work in the meantime.  We were having issues with the HII driver store and the nic driver wasn't getting reinstalled.  Therefore, once the os booted back up for ctos it lost network connectivity and couldn't continue the template.  I still question the changes made to the Deploy Image section of the template.  It seems you cannot choose ImageWv2 to get it to work you have to choose other and specify where the image w file is.  Also, it seems to make no difference whether you validate as long as the command line parameters and path to the os are correct.  And also I've never needed to install the provisioning agent in to the template to perform software deployment in the system configuration section.  I do put the install agent command as one of the first tasks in system configuration.  I've never had a problem with software distribution.  Like I said it seems they leave things in these templates that make sense in theory but are not exactly practical.