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    Creation User on Update Set as System


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      I'm encountering a problem with the inbound mail engine. When an e-mail comes in to update a ticket and a note is created, the Created By fields are set to system. As far as I was aware the Note should have been created in the name of the person who sent the e-mail. Does anyone know why the mail engine is behaving this way and is there any workaround?


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      Anthony Mitchell

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          Depending on your version, you will want to show the "RaiseUser" in your queries and such.  By default when an email gets processed it gets processed/created by the SA (System Account).  However, in the newer versions (7.4 I believe but it may have been 7.5) you can now show the RaiseUser for notes which will pull the account based on the email address it came from, much like when a standard ticket is created.

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            You can create a new system account in 7.5 and tell inbound to use that account, but I think that is as far as you can take it.  I'd love to hear different though as identifying notes added by email can be a bit of a problem.

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              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

              Agreed Dave.  The easiest way I've found is by pulling the Raise User since they have added that attribute in there now.  It would be nice to be able to map the creation user to the raise user in the case of emails submission.  Maybe 7.7. 

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                That worked great Jamie, I mapped the Raise User on the note as a value type in the automatic Authorisation/Rejection action on the "Authorising User". I now have one final problem around the manual Authorisation/Rejection. I'd like it to set that field as "{$CurrentUser$} when the manual action is used but it would appear that you can't value type a drop-down field on a manual action. Does anyone know of any workaround to this?


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                Anthony Mitchell.

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                  Stu McNeill Employee

                  Hi Anthony,


                  In the case of manual actions the Raise User field will get populated automatically with the current user when they press Save, as long as it isn't filled out manually first.  This is the same logic as the Raise User field on the process objects.  Make the field read only on the window (or not in the window at all) and this will ensure it doesn't get set to anything else.



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                    For my second question on this thread I received this solution from Jenny from LANDesk:


                    Sadly, Stu's solution wouldn't work as the object in this case has no Raise User on it and is an Authorise/Reject collection.


                    You might be able to do a Copy Rule for this.
                    If you go to Window Manager and highlight the relevant Object. (The one Authorisation/Rejection action is on)

                    In the action, click Business Object Copy Rule in the Action panel.
                    Expand Modules - Incident Management and right click on the Object.
                    Select "New Rule"

                    Set Event to: Create and Initialise
                    Target: The User Attribute
                    Source: Select "Current User" from the Attribute Macros section (down in the left corner)

                    Make sure "Always execute rule" is NOT ticked.
                    Tick the "Do not overwrite"

                    Save your Copy Rule.

                    This should allow the current users name to be copied to the user drop down list when using the action manually, but when the action is being added because a note was added by the email it will still pick up on the runtime value and copy the email's user in.

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