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    Broadcom NIC doesn't work after sysprep



      We are trying to create a WIM image to use with the OS deployment with LANDesk, this image includes Vista SP1 and Office 2007 SP1.



      We are using Microsoft WAIK to create your wim image; we are following the following process:


      • ·Install Vista Enterprise

      • · Install Vista SP1

      • ·sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown

      • ·turn off the machine after sysprep


      After restarting the machine the mini setup starts and executes the options in the unattend.xml, but this process stops.



      The NIC is recognized (broadcom 57.xx) but the driver isn't installed correctly. And whatever we tried we can get the NIC working again. The symptom only occurs after sysprep, with a manually installation it works normal.



      If we remove Vista SP1 from this process everything works as expected.



      Does anybody has the same experience or does know a direction where to look for the solution?












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          We found a

          solution/workaround for your problem.



          During the step

          "Generalize" in the imaging process we set the following setting

          " PersistAllDeviceInstalls = True "



          This means that the drivers

          of the NIC are included in the BASE OS. We didn't get a driver independent image

          to work.