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    Local Task Scheduler




      i hope i'm right here.

      We have a little problem to understand the times of a local task scheduler.



      We need a task that runs every Monday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

      Is the PC not powered on on monday, the task should run the next time it is powered on.


      Our settings:

      Start Time Monday 8 a.m.

      Frequency: 7 Days (604800 seconds)


      I think this work for our problem, or not?


      But what is if the PC powered on on thuesday, wendsday or so on?

      When the task start at next time, on monday?

      Or 7 day later when the client was booted, e.g. if it booted on wendsday the next run of the task is wendsday in a week.

      Or starts the the task on next monday (if the client is powered on).