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    Inbound email and Lotus Notes


      Can anyone answer this.  Does Service Desk when accessing a Lotus Notes inbox not mark the emails as read when it accesses and downloads them to Service Desk.


      Also with the Mail Services for inbound I am finding it is very unstable and only seems to download the emails when the server gets a reboot.


      Can some who has experience with Lotus Notes and Service desk respond please.

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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          You do have to manage the inbound mailbox, even with exchange.  We have a limited numer of customers running domino, but we offer them the same advice as we do exchange customers.  Manage that mailbox!.  i.e. move processed emails using mail server rules out of the inbox.  If you don't do that, bad things will happen.

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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            I agree 100% with Dave.  If you don't manage that box and keep it clean it can start to take a long time to processess emails.  I speak from experience that there will be lag time as that box grows bigger and bigger.

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              That is what I did first when I noticed the issues with their inbound mail as the customer was not managing the mailbox and it did when first seeing it have 3000+ emails.   However since all that I did get them to archive the emails out but of the inbox and still they seem to be having problems but I do have a support request open for it.  My main question is does Service Desk when it reads the inbox for Lotus Notes mark the emails as read when they be processed?  I would assume it should.


              Thank you ffor your replies.

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                Support have just responded and said that Domino Server does not mark the emails as read going to make it difficult to set up rules.  Probably best thing to do is to move emails older than a few days to another folder read or not.

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                  dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

                  That sounds wierd as all email clients know if an email has been read as otherwise how would a regular user know if they had read an email or not?  Perhaps notes is kind of special in a way LDSD doesn't handle or know about.

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                    I think that is what support are trying to tell me.  It does not help though because as I agree with you how do you know which have been processed and which ones have not.  This is why in the first place the customer was having problems as there were 3000+ emails unread in the inbox apparantly and I do not know where in SQL this is stored but support said the database does know which ones have been processed so it will not process them again, but it must cause resource problems.


                    One thing I did not add to this is that it is Service Desk 7.4 intention is to upgrade to 7.5 and see what difference there is.

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                      Stu McNeill Employee

                      Hi all,


                      Just to clarify on this one - Service Desk connects to the mail box via IMAP and processes any messages that are "unread".  In IMAP terms this checks if the "Seen" flag is not present on each message.  It then "mark a message as read" by setting the "Seen" flag on the message.  This is the standard method for IMAP mailboxes to track read/unread status.  This works fine with Domino as with other mail servers - if it didn't save the flag then Service Desk would process the same messages every minute so we know it works.


                      However for some reason with Domino (and I can't say I've done much research on this so this might not be 100% of the cases) the flag doesn't seem to make it back to however Lotus Notes tracks read/unread status.  I know from experience that if you want to re-test an exsting message you can't just mark it as unread in Lotus Notes because that doesn't reset the Seen flag in IMAP.


                      I don't have a Lotus/Domino system to hand to confirm but a good test might be to connect to the mailbox manually via IMAP using a 3rd party mail client such as Windows Mail, Outlook, or Thunderbird.  Because it connects via IMAP as Service Desk does it should see the read/unread status in the same way.


                      I hope that helps.

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                        Thank you for all the information provided from everyone.