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    Need custom data registry attribute for SpeedDuplex in inventory scan.

    germanl Apprentice

      We are needing to query on the SpeedDuplex registry settings on our devices. I have created a custom data entry and am able to populate the inventory scan with the data but this data is not consistant. We do have Data Analytics installed but have not found a way to map that data.


      The registry location for this setting resides here:



      The subfolders under this key start at 0000 and go to 0021 on most of my machines. The problem is that the *SpeedDuplex value exists randomly in these subfolders.


      I have tried to use wildcards:




      But it does not seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My only other option is to add multiple lines in the LDAPPL3 file for each subfolder in the registery under the parent key, with hopes that I do not miss one.


      Custom Data.jpg