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    LANDesk 9.5 - Restoring Database (MSSQL 2008 R2 64bit)


      So, my first (official) careless mistake...


      Yesterday, I had to do a good overhaul of our user permissions in LDMS.  There was one user, a previous LANDesk Administrator, that no longer used LANDesk, so I deleted his user out of LDMS Console user management.  I apparenlty did this without transferring his objects (mainly distribution packages and scheduled tasks are all that matter) to another user as I thought I had.  I then finished adjusting permissions appropiately and they all seem to be correct today.  However, I would like to recover all of those tasks and packages from the user I deleted.  I have a full backup of the VM the database is installed on from the night before I did any of this, Monday night, and it is a seperate VM from the Core.  I do not have a recent backup of the Core VM though.


      Would I be able to restore the entire database VM and have the Core revert back to it's status Monday night?   Revert back as in user permissions and task/packages associated with each user.  Or is there an easier way to restore tasks and packages for specific users?  Actually, if I could only get the packages back then that would be fine too.


      My thought was to try the following steps in order:


      1.  Shutdown the core VM

      2.  Shutdown the database VM

      3.  Make a full back of both VMs so that they are at identical times for full restoration if the following steps fail

      4.  Do a full restore of the database VM back to Monday night

      5.  Boot the database fully

      6.  Boot the Core (There would be no changes made to the core)


      Anybody have any experience with such?  Hopefully I can still restore from the full backups if all this were to fail anyway.