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    Unable to map reference list from data import


      Dear All


      My current version of LANDesk Service Desk being used is 7.5 without SP1.


      I am trying to have a data import done with an oledb connection using excel to update the end user details inside LANDesk Service Desk.


      The text fields get updated as required but the data in the reference list objects do not get updated. There are two objects namely 1. Internal designation ( Reference List) 2. Line Manager(dropdown of existing user list).


      For the reference list, the value has been already added .



      On the import , the above two mentioned fields remain blank. When I saw the log details , following is the detail i recieved.


      2/14/2013 5:22:55 PM : Could not find Related Object End User.Internal Designation = .

      2/14/2013 5:22:55 PM : Could not find Related Object End User.Line Manager = .

      2/14/2013 5:22:55 PM : Null value set for attribute Name of class type System.EndUser. This attribute is mandatory



      Would be glad if anyone could suggest the solution to the same.





      Harsh Ajgaonkar