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    Serial Number Normalization within Asset Control


      Need to normalize devices with the same serial number within Asset Control; however, each duplicate has pertinent information which needs to be merged into one record.  Any ideas.  DTS....I know.  But an example would be great.

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          I'm sorry, but I dont completely understand what you want to achieve. Can you give an example of the data you have and how you want it to look after normalization?



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            i have a similar issue that may be related to the origional post. we currently installed Data Analytics and played with the CDW import rule. it imported everything into the managment suite database but rather than updating current devices it created new ones. now i have two records for each device that were within the scope of the import. i assume the import created the new record because we have specific Device names and the import used the Serial number as the Device name, thus thinking they were different. is there an easy way to merge the two records togeather keeping data that is in each device, or just delete the invalid devices and try to get the import to work right in the first place?

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              What happened is that the barcode field was not populated.  We cannot use just the serial number as the link field because lenovo and ibm do not have unique serial numbers.  So we have a rule under Calculate Data called Computer.Barcode.  It should be set active, but for now run it against all the "real" computers in your database.  This should then properly populate the barcode for all the existing devices and then our service should merge the two together.  Set the Computer.Barcode rule active so that any new devices scanned get that field populated as well.

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                Thanks! glad it is something simple that i just over looked.