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    Lost disk letter after image deploy with provisioning



      Hello all,



      i'v LD 8.7 SP5 and i've created a template for disk preparation and deploy an image that was previously imported by another provisioning template.



      i've this tasks:





      • Remove partition from disk 0

      • Create Partition Primary on disk 0, size 0, offset 0

      • Mount partition disk 0, partition 1, letter C:

      • Make bootable disk 0, partition 1

      • Format partition C:, NTFS




      • Map Image share

      • Map LDMAIN

      • Deploy image J:\osd\imaging\imagew.exe /RN /O I:\Layer1_nc6400.IMG


      The two tasks works great and end succesfully but after Deploy the image on client workstation, it lost the letter C: on partition.



      If i open a console and type C: it return an error, if i type:


      • diskpart

      • select disk 0

      • select partition 1

      • assign letter=C:


      it assign letter C: and i can see the content of my deployed image...



      This is very strange but i've tried with different image and i've always the same situation....



      It's correct to insert another task "Mount partition disk 0, partition 1, letter C: " after "Deploy image J:\osd\imaging\imagew.exe /RN /O I:\Layer1_nc6400.IMG"????