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    Memory Issues


      When we upgraded to 7.5 SP 1 from 7.4 we moved to concurrent licensing for abut 2/3 of my users.  These users primarily use WebDesk now rather than the console.  Both concurrent licensing and WebDesk are things I have not used before.  I have noticed a general slow down of my system, especially my consoles and that my server is maxed on RAM almost 100% of the time.  I am running 2008 server R2 with 2 processors and 8GB RAM.  I have done a IISREST a few times and it helps for a while but by the end of the day I am maxed out again.  First thing in the morning and I am still maxed out on RAM.  I expected that RAM to free itself up.  Anyone have a system with extra RAM that can tell me that for sure more RAM will solve the problem.  I kind of suspect it uses everything it has and will always be 100%.  I also wonder if my WebAccess users are timing out and leaving lots of disconnected sessions.  But then the server should be deleting those connections, no different than IIS would normally do in a web page environment.  We have about 60 full licensed console users and about 60 concurrent WebDesk users on 1 server.


      I know I can make additional servers: 1 for console, 1 or more for WebDesk, 1 for Mobile


      My processors are at about 2% capacity so I really don't see that the servers are under a heavy load.



      I guess in general I am wondering what others are seeing.

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          Are you doing any development work during the time of memory max out?  I know sometimes I've see that happen before.

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            Early in the day I was messing with some Windows so I could get things to look ok in WebAccess.  Still not delighted but can't do much better.  Never did an IISRESET after that due to the high usage.   I do my testing on a test server then update once on my live system.  I didn't do much but yes, I opened, updated, and saved two windows.  Sounds like a memory leak to me.  What I hear you telling me is that I should do an IISRESET every time I finish modifying an object, window, or process.  That is a nice work around (IISRESET) but sure seems like a bug to me.

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              You could also try just recycling the Application Pool in IIS.  A little less disruptive to the users than an IISRESET.....

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                Which process is using all your memory?  When I first upgraded to 7.5SP1 (two servers though - web and app) I had my application services pointing to the Web Server framework, and that was causing me all sorts of trouble with the svchost chewing up all my memory.  Since I switched the application server to point to its own framework my memory is now okay.


                Having said that, when doing design work on processes and windows in particular, I do perform the occasion IISreset on the application server (where I do my designing).  I did that in 7.4 though too.

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                  The LANDesk recommended config for that sort of load would be 2 load balanced web servers each with quad core and 8G of memory.  So ignoring the server running the windows services, if you are running 1 server with 2 cores and 8G you are running on less than half the recommended capacity.  That said, I find like you that CPU is often not the limiting factor and I always recommend increasing the memory continually until it 'settles'.  IIS will try and use up to 60% of the available memory for it's own use on a server.  You can tweak this a bit, but I've found it does no good :-(  In some older versions we used to install a regular pool reset overnight to clear off unused memory and this was often more than enough to keep things running OK when the product seem to hang on to memory a bit longer than it should.  More modern versions seem less prone to this manic desire to hang on to memory.


                  Also if you are running vmware type virtual, you can (IMHO!) safely allow the host to let the VM balloon so that it will swap out memory not being used and I think this works well with LDSD TPS Servers.


                  My gut tells me to suggest increasing to 10G or putting in another server with some load balancing to also give you some fail over.


                  If you can prove there are memory leaks I have found LANDesk respond positively to reproducible issues on this.

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                    I do have 2 servers (web and app).  Both are quad processor with 8GB ram.  With 7.4 I had no issues that I can remember.  With 7.5 though, I have maxed memory several times.  It does seem that my design work does make a big difference.  Before I move to a second web server though I think I might add a framework to my App server and do my console work there.  It would be much easier to do an IISRESET on that box.  Since you can cluster Web servers I don't see a reason why console should not work on the app server.  After 2.5 years, it's not like I do much anyways.  With 7,5 I started 60 or so light users on Webaccess and ditched the console.  I have had orphan fields show up (Corrupted window) which I had to remake from scratch and then I also had to make some adjustments to both my incident and my Change so the form all fits on the screen at one time.  Without adjustments, 1/3 of my screen would not fit on a 22" widescreen monitor.  Talks with LANDesk have taught me to treat all date/time attributes as 3 columns and not 2 so that took some fixing.


                    It seems as I add frameworks and they get used, large amounts of memory are taken wether it be 1 or 20 users.  So rather than clustering where both servers will have frameworks/app pools for console and WebAccess, wouldn't it be better to have 1 for console and 1 for WebAccess?

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                      They mean you to have 2 webservers for that load (plus an APPS!), so 3 servers all together.  Once you create a framework, even with a small number of users, you will indeed get a base level of memory used.  I'm reasonably sure things have been this way for a number of releases, but I wouldn't put console and web users on the same box for sure.  So yes I'd go with having two Web servers (so LANDesk cannot comment about specs!) and put web users on one and any remaining console users on the other.  I've only found a few sites where 4 cores were actually being used, but plenty of sites where things needs more than the 6-8G of memory recommended.