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    How to print out of Landesk


      I have been tasked with figuring out how to print things from LANDesk.  I have tried to follow the doc at http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-19090  but it doesn't seem to work correctly.  We need to be able to print out reports as well as print out incidents and notes from LANDesk.  Is there any other sources for this?  Thanks in advance.

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          I guess it depends on which 'printing' you are asking about.  Crystal or Web Access.


          When you install LANDesk, you can't print out of the box.  Each report needs to be updated to point to your database server.


          I think the doc you posted is a good starting point, but the DSN setter mentioned in the doc sometimes does not update the report and it needs to be done manually.


          To start, you can bring up a report in Crystal and test connecting to your database server.


          LANDesk only provides certain canned Crystal reports, others you need to develop on your own.


          Karen Peacock of LANDesk is a good resource to ask about Crystal reports in relation to LANDesk.