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    OS Templates provisioning


      I have a number of Provisioning Templates which work fine when a device boots via PXE

      I am looking to get this running from the core by clicking on the template, choosing Schedule Template and then adding a device

      So far nothing happens. 

      On looking around,  I see mention of vboot and that it changed from 8.8. to 9.0 SP2 (We are on SP3), but nothing that really explains what I may need to do to a template to make it work without the need for PXE.  I am not sure it if is some extra steps, something that is not configured or something else


      At the moment the templates are doing some disk prep work under "Pre-OS installation", then deploying the image, post OS work and then installing software and patching


      I suspect I need to add something in "System Migration"


      any pointers to a document or anything would be grateful


      Many thanks

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          In 9.0 sp3 to schedule a template to start in windows, your first action in the template should be vboot action to reboot the machine in to winpe. If you are selecting a template from within winpe that has a vboot action, the template will fail. Vice versa, if you schedule a template without the vboot, it will not perform any actions until you reboot it into winpe.

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            Hi Eric

            This is what I have thought.  Creating a template to run via vboot is fine. I can clone and go from there.

            However, what steps / actions do I need to add to a template to allow for this ?

            I did not see any action for vboot, so guess I need to copy a file of some sort down



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              Add a reboot action. Within the template system migration section, add a reboot action and set the option to "Boot to managed Winpe (Virtual Boot).

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                Catalysttgj Expert

                One thing to note about vboot... You're fine in 9.0 sp3, but if you have plans to go to 9.5 at all, watch out with the vboot option. You might rather just do it PXE boot style, if you have PXE rep(s) in place. vboot is broken if the host OS is windows 7. Our experience so far is limited to XP and win 7, so not sure about other newer OS's, but its likely broken for other newer ones as well. Hopefully they will patch this out, but right now the winPE for vboot at least is screwing up when the host OS is win7 (additional not is these are MBR drives not GUID, this might have something to do with it). At any rate, you only need the vboot option IF you don't have pxe reps to boot from. vboot is good for scenarios where you intend to make your OS imaging stuff work completely off the same drive, or where PXE reps are just not tenable. vboot could be viewed as a little quicker maybe, since everything is already local, but if you have a fast gig network, pxe rep works pretty well!


                And one other note... once you adde a reboot into the sys mig section of a template, only use that template when the host OS is running on the machine. You will need to have a second copy of the template without the reboot in sys mig, if you intend to also manually boot to winpe and then choose a template on occasion, you wouldn't be able to select a template that has sys mig steps, as it will basically just do nothing as well, waiting for you to get the machine into the host OS. Its effectively the reverse of what you're seeing now. That's probably pretty obvious, but it got me a couple of times when i had fogotten about the added reboot being in sys mig.


                Anyways, hopefuly this will save you some headaches.


                Good luck!

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                  Hi Catalysttgi

                  Not sure if we are going to 9.5 at the moment.  I suspect we will - we need to do a global rollout to three regional cores and a rollup server.  The EMEA core is a physical and the APAC and NTAM ones are currently Virtual, but are looking to move to physical as well.


                  We have a decent PXE environment which works, but I am just trying to get things set so that for some teams they can select x devices drop them onto a vboot template and let them upgrade overnight


                  We will keep the templates seperate. there will be a a WINPXE and vBoot group with the appropriate templates.  All the actual Provisioning templates are created by using "includes" of other template parts which makes maitenance easy


                  In 9.5, is there now provision for teams like there is everywhere else ?

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                    I added the option to boot into WinPE

                    All looks good, the device starts to run the task, I can see the boot.wim file get downloaded, file Defragmentation runs and then it bombs out at the "Preparing to virtual boot"

                    error 80001803H


                    this is a Win7x64 laptop if that make any difference.


                    I shall look around to see if this mentioned, but I wonder if this is the same problem as seen on the 9.5 version

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                      Catalysttgj Expert

                      I'm not familiar with a teams option in provisioning. We're pretty new to using it still. On the matter of the bomb.. that's a different problem than the one i was mentioning earlier. The issue that we came across with vboot was that it would never bring up the "This is Provisioning" text in the visible console window that winPE kicks off. There is an executable that is supposed to identify the OS, and that executable is failing for us under Win7x64... It doesn't produce an onscreen error message, rather it just never calls up provisioning. The same machine can boot just fine from PXE, but vboot only works when the host OS is Windows XP. Our suspicion is that it has something to do with a drive set up as MBR instead of GUID. We're keeping MBR for compatibility reasons with re-imaging only a partition on existing win xp devices. Those devices are MBR based, so the image for win7 needs to stay MBR as well, so we can preserve a second partition in the existing drive. Anyway, we haven't validated this against a GUID part win7. Maybe you'd be in a position where you could sort of verfiy this, if you're doing GUID instead.

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                        We use Teams a lot so we can keep everyone away from breaking each others tasks, packages, etc. Just that provisioning does not seem to understand it.  Fun when you want to ensure a local team (country for us) only see their templates and not each others.  Hey ho


                        I found a script on here earlier that copies some files, sets vboot and does a reboot.  All works well until the device reboots and we then get a drive error

                        0xc000000f - the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible


                        I find it odd as the same device is good under PXE and if I do restart via a PXE rep now, it will continue and run all the next phases.


                        I thought it would be loading the same WinPE environment from PXE and this method - guess not !


                        I'll look again tomorrow as it is too late now

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                          MrGadget Expert


                          Are you using varibles? You might want to go and look at them.

                          Our provisioning Tech said he had trouble with using varibles so everything is put in plain text and all paths are put in likewise. I think the only varible we use is for the devivename.

                          Your bombing at preparing at virtual boot problem I was told that if a path or something further down the script is wrong that will cause that failure.


                          As far as 9.5, we just upgraded from LD9 SP3 and the only problem we had and we olny have 32 bit windows 7 computer, is the imaging tool imagew2 cannot be chosen in the dropdown, Other has to be chosen then the path to the imagew2 tool is put in.