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    Upgrade to 9.5 - DNS Options

    Tom O'Brien Apprentice

      All, I will be upgrading to 9.5 in the coming weeks. We will upgrade the existing DB but install a new Core. In the past, in order to get existing clients reporting into the new core, we just updated the old Core Server's DNS record in AD with the IP of the new core, copy over the certs and everything worked as it should until we got the clients updated (which usually takes a very long time). Just wondering, when building the new clients, instead of using the core server's name (fqdn), could I just use an application alias at that point. Then, as I go through upgrades moving forward, I'm not changing the Old core server's DNS entry, but an entry in our Non-AD DNS environment. That way, the old Core server and associated DNS entries can be removed from AD entirely.


      Core Server Name: Server1.ad.somedomain.com

      DNS Application Alias: LANDeskCore.somedomain.com

      All clients send scans, etc to LANDeskCore.somedomain.com


      One year later, If we go through another upgrade or hardware refresh, all I do is update LANDeskCore.somedomain.com with the new core IP.



      Make Sense?

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          Yes it make sense.


          But we would recommend to use the FQDN which will reflect the core certicate so prevent any issue so the client have a certicate under a core name x which reflect the core name x if that make sense.


          When you redeploy teh agnet you would deploy only one certicate ( the new one) and once all agent are redeploy you can then remove the old certificate from the core.


          And the DNS alias can be remove. Some but an alias DNS in the agent setting will fail if that name or FQDN cannot be resolved. When the agent configuration is saved a test is made on the core server name set.