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    Device Monitoring - Ping settings applied to each device individually?



      In our process of finding a 'sweet spot' for device monitoring that will give a better idea if a system is actually 'down' I am looking into the HELP file and see a section stating:



      Ping frequency: Control when and how the ping operation occurs. These settings can be applied to each device individually.


      • Ping every: Schedules a periodic ping at the specified minute interval.

      • Schedule daily at: Schedules a daily ping at a specific time.

      • Retries: Specifies the number of ping retries.

      • Timeout: Specifies the number of seconds until ping retries will timeout.


      I am not sure if this is, in fact, true .. can anyone shed some light on this?



      Is this saying that I can define the ping frequency on each device, if I so choose? This would be helpful if so, because we have some systems that are rebooted nightly and I can change their alerts if they dont come back up after a certain threshold ... tell me it's true!