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    Console performance issues in 9.5 after opening inventory of some devices

    masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

      Hi all,



      We have performance issues if we select the inventory of some devices in our environment. I found out the longer the patch history of a device, the longer the loading times. Since 9.5 there is a new section in the inventory called "Security - Patch history". From my opinion this is absolutely useless data because it’s the same data as seen under "Security and Patch Information - Clean/ Repair History" but in a unreadable format.

      For some devices we have waiting times about 10 minutes until the console responses again. If you clear the Patch history by "Purge History" or by SQL the Inventory opens as fast as desired.

      Did anyone else have these issues too?



      It would be great if it would be possible to exclude the Patch History in the inventory tree or an automatic clean patch history after "x" days task; maybe someone from LANDesk has an idea how to achieve this.

      By the way, I already had a case open with support but because it seems that we are the only one with this issue at the moment, they couldn't really help me out here...



      Thanks and kind Regards