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    Cystal Reports formula Within last "X" months


      I am trying to write a formula to find Incidents logged within the last full 12 months from today's date.  So if I run a report in February it gives me the results from February 2012 - Janauary 2013.  I don't want to use the formula for the last full year as it gives me the whole of 2012 rather than February 2012 to end of January 2013.


      I would word it like the following example:-


      Is the {creation date{month}} = to {today's date{month}} - minus {six months} then

        formula = "Y"




      formula = "No"


      Not sure how to do the date calculation against the pm_process.creationdate field.


      Any suggestions?

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          I did something similar-ish recently to bring back only those records which were in the current quarter by using the datepart function. 


          If (Totext ( DatePart ( 'q' , {@Creation Date To Date}) , '0') & 'Q' & Totext (Year ({@Creation Date To Date}), '0000')) =

          (Totext ( DatePart ( 'q' , CurrentDate) , '0') & 'Q' & Totext (Year (CurrentDate), '0000')) then 1 else 0


          The pm_process.creationdate field is a datetime so you might need to change it to just a date first this would be something like Date(pm_process.creationdate) or ToDate(pm_process.creationdate), think this changed between Crystal versions  The {@Creation Date To Date} my formula references was the formula I had used in order to get the data I was using into the format of a date.  I then restricted my report to only show me records where the formula returns a 1 but you could use Yes and No. 


          I think this method of getting data might slow down the performance of the report because I expect it would need to calculate the formula against each record to check whether it is needed or not.  For this reason, it might be a good idea to also have another criteria or a database view which only looks for records in the past 2 years (or something which makes sense to your data).


          To be honest I think I adapted a formula which I found via some internet searching, so I would recommend having a look for some examples using DatePart on the month.


          Best wishes