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    Winpe 4.0 - Touch Screen Capabilities...

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      Before I go on my journey to find my answer, I am curious if anyone is using the new Winpe 4.0 that came with latest LANDesk update patch.  It is supposed to add support to HP Slate device.  I can boot the slate into winpe however I can only use a mouse and a keyboard when in the pe environment.  I cannot use any of the touch functions. 


      I am still learning these touch devices as I only received them last week but I am curious if I am missing something on making it touch enabled.  The normal winre.wim (recovery) that windows 8 supplies works great with the tablet and I can touch fine but i just can't with the .wim file that LANDesk is providing.

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          The HP ElitePad patch is to provide support and functionality for the HP ElitePad line. It is not specifically targeted to the slate devices. In order to get the touchscreen device working you can simply add the touchscreen driver to the WinPE boot.wim.


          The Winre.wim (recovery) wim will work because it was designed as a recovery partition and is built by the oem vendor. Thus it has the correct drivers included for the touch screen.