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    Privilege Errors

    sthanley Apprentice

      A place that would allow me to lookup errors and show the exact path to the privilege that is related would be great.  I found one that matches the error below but it didnt work.



      Authorisation failure. User is not authorised to perform Read operations on the ChangeManagement.ChangeClosure class type.

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          It's not as well documented as we would all like.  In the Aministration component, find the role or group you want to add the priv to and right hand click Priviledges


          Then for a process based priviledge like this one...


          Modules/Change Management/Process Related Objects/Change/Closeure in the related object Column ..  add read or whatever and that should do it.


          Now you will have found this, but you will need to log out/back in *and* depending on your version you will need to iisreset or (better) recycle the application pool for the specific application (WebDesk or Console) in order for the mods to this priv to be picked up.