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    New reference list object doesn't display object data




      I have created a new reference list object in "System" called "Organisation" - the purpose is for each of our supported users to have an associated Organisation, much like the Location object.


      I have created a relationship between the Organisation object and the User object (didn't create a collection)


      I have added the attributes on to the End User screen to populate the Organistion


      I have added the Organisation related object to the Incident Window



      When I look at the user in the through the Administration area (in End Users) the field shows populated, however when I log an incident against the user the value doesn't show on the Window.


      What have I missed?!

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          John Stuart-Robson Employee

          Good evening,


          It sounds like you need to create a copy rule from your reference list on the user object to the reference list on the incident form.  To do this, you will need to be in window manager.  Expand Incident Management>Incident and once incident is highlighted an action will appear at the top called Business object copy rules.  Click on this and you can build a rule to copy the data from your user object.


          1.  Type a name for the rule

          2.  Select the source of your copy rule.  In the tree display locate your attribute, so in your case something like RaiseUser._Organisation. 

          3.  Select the target.  It will be something like organisation which belongs to the incident object.

          4.  Choose how you would like the rule to behave either always execute the rule. Allow overwrite or not.  Click Ok to save the rule

          5.  Final thing to do is to go into the incident window and change the properties of the raise user attribute.  Once you have opened the window and have the raise user attribute selected on the form, go into the attribute properties and set copy related to true.  You may find two properties of this name to select, select the first one from the top.  You may need to come out and go back in for the rule to kick in.


          I hope that helps.



          LANDesk Professional Services

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            I do love the community!  Thanks very much... another lesson learned!!