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    isParent? & isChild attribute




      I am wondering if it is possible to create a boolean attribute called isParent? and another isChild? to display in Query results as true or false so that Analysts can easily check whether or not the incident record they are looking at already has associated other incidents?


      can't see an obvious way to do this so any help greatly appreciated.





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          Yep - you can do this using calculations.  On our standard OOTB we have one that simply counts the number of items in the child collection and parent collection of a process.  That not only gives you a way of showing if a process is a parent and/or a child, but also a way of possibly changing the response agreement based on a threshold of child incidents added to a major incident.  Just a thought.

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            Have done this using calculation fileds, one to count the parents/children and another boolean for when the count on each is more than 1 (Child Count, Parent Count, isParent? & isChild? all being seperate attributes)