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    Java dist package successful but Java still @ previous version

    cmcquademsmc Rookie

      Hi all,


      I have created a distribution package that returns a good install but when I look at the Win7 Pro client PC it still reports java version 7 update 4. I have been trying to install Java 7 Update 15. If I manually go to the client and run the updated Java install it will update.


      Here is the command line I am running with the EXE package jre-7u15-windows-x64.exe .




      I have tried changing the Javaupdate, JU and AutoUpdateCheck to 1 in various tries and I always get the same result.


      Note - if the client happens to be on any version of java 6 it will update to java7 update 15.


      What am I missing here? It's making me nuts.


      Thanks for any help or insight that could be provided.