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    Deploy Image Fails to Start


      I'm trying to deploy an image to a Dell Latitude E5420. The image has been used for 2 years now. When I select the image to deploy from my WinPE menu, the deployment never starts. It just sits at the LANDesk splash screen. I tried the image on another E5420 and it worked fine. I zeroed out the HDD and tried again. Same result. I ran diagnostics on the HDD and no problems were found. I have not yet tried to deploy through any other methods as I was hoping to find a cause/resolution for this particular problem. Deploying from the WinPE menu is the default method for our organization for one-off needs.


      I am running LDMS 9.0 SP2.


      Anyone ever encounter this before or have any other ideas?

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          bnelson Employee

          Does the device have an ip once in WinPE?


          Does the BIOS of that device have a different SATA setting from the other? (AHCI vs IDE)


          Sounds to me like a driver is the most likely culprit, figuring out which one is the fun part.

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            MrGadget Expert

            bnelson is right chexck the bios.

            I have not had that model but another model did that and we had to update the bios.

            Also some models we have to delete them from landesk console before they will start.

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              What does the CJ-OSD* log on the core show?

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                1. The BIOS is set to AHCI, as are all of the other E5420's I checked.

                2. The BIOS version isn't the latest, but is only 1 version old. I've deploying an image to this particular machine at least twice in the past, with much older BIOS versions.

                3. I tried removing the machine's previous entry from my devices list, but that did not work either.

                4. The contents of the CJ-OSD log for my latest attempt is as follows:


                "SCHULTZL-11","CBA_ERROR:-1917761387",-1917761387,0:30:05,2/26/2013 1:20:00 PM,2/26/2013 1:50:05 PM,"WINPE, TIMEOUT=1800"

                ; "Job Complete","0 Done","1 Failed","0 Off","0 Unknown"


                I did try to deploy the image with Managed WinPE, but ended up with the same result. It never launched. Here's the log file for that attempt:


                "SCHULTZL-11","CANCELED","N/A","0:00:00","2/26/2013 4:11:20 PM","2/26/2013 4:11:20 PM","N/A"

                ; "Job Complete","0 Done","0 Failed","0 Off","1 Unknown"

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                  Managed WinPE is only used when you have scheduled a job to the machine. If you are booting into pxe, you will want to delete the inventory record for any devices with a matching MAC address. You can write a query to do that. Once all devices with the MAC in question are deleted, try the job again.

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                    I did schedule a job after booting into Managed WinPE.


                    I will see if there are any other device listings using that MAC address.

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                      Your query should look like this:

                      "Computer"."Network"."NIC Address"  =  "000000000000"

                      Where you use the actual mac of that device in place of the 0's.

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                        I already had a query created for MAC searches, but thanks for the info!


                        There was one additional listing in my devices list I missed. I removed it and it is now imaging. Thanks!