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    LANDesk Provisioning Agent won't close


      Greetings all,


           We are trying out Provisioning and have run into a small issue. We tried pushing out a Provisioning task to all our XP Computer which failed. the Scheduled Task was then deleted through our Manangment console which has left all the machines with the "LANDesk Provisioning Agent" stuck open on their computers.  When the users try to "X" out of it they get a message saying "The template is running This window can not be closed now". If the users reboot thier computers the Provisioning agent pops open to the same screen. My question is how can we close this on all the affected computers.  I have attached the screenshots below, any help or suggestions are greatly appriciated.





      We are currently on LDMS 9.5

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          JAquino Apprentice

          I made the same mistake myself today. This is how I fixed it:


          First, I stopped the following services:


          LANDESK policy invoker

          LANDesk Targeted Multicast


          I then tried to kill the provisioning agent executable in task manager and eventually got a Windows "End Now" prompt


          I then ended any other provisioing processes running in the background


          I then uninstalled the LANDesk client using the uninstallwinclient.exe utility in the LDMAIN share




          Resintalled the LANDesk agent


          I am sure some of the above steps were unecessary, but this it just what worked for me.

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            Catalysttgj Expert

            check out the file actions.ini on these devices. It'll be located here on windows 7 64bit:

            C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Shared Files\cbaroot\actions.ini

            (Look under the usual place on 32bit)


            This file will have a reference to Provisioning. This is how the host OS (via the common base agent) knows to kick off provisioning again in the event of a system reboot during a provisioning task. With provisioning stuck, its probably still in there, so if you replace this ini file with one that doesn't contain the provisioning reference, you should be able to simply reboot the machine, and the provisioning app should not relaunch again. This will leave a copy of the provisioning software on the device, but that shouldn't really bother anything. Normally, provisioning will self clean up after its all done, but in the case of a premature termination, it won't. Like i said, that shouldn't matter. The main thing is to clear the ini file so it doesn't start back up again.



            Hope that helps ya!


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              This worked Perfectly. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!